Temporal footprints

In this project we investigated the extraction of temporal footprints: a period on the time-line that temporally defines a concept's existence (see the figure below). For example, the temporal footprint of people, in its physical interpretation, lies between their birth and death, whereas the temporal footprint of a business company lies between its constitution and closing (or acquisition).

Temporal footprints of common object, people and historial periods, visualised on a time graph.


This demo is using HeidelTime as temporal expression extraction system.

Lack of creativity? Here some samples: Galileo Galilei, Blaise Pascal, Anne Frank, Richard Feynman.


Source code

The source code is hosted by GitHub.

Related publications

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M. Filannino, G. Nenadic
Proceedings of the 1st AHA! Workshop on Information Discovery in Text (COLING 2014)

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